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Cleaning off the cobwebs...

Well, 2011 has been an rejuvenating year for all things Dynamic Living related. From new websites like and, to new content like Say Yes Everyday and our anniversary editions of Say Yes to Your Potential and the Dynamic Living Seminar. All in all, a great year. We have plenty more planned for the future, but we do hope that this blog might serve as one more way for Skip to help people. Look for posts coming soon about news, lessons, and other projects. Please send us an email or leave a comment about the new site and all the new content.

Reader Comments (2)

Я из России. Мой пост будет больше похож на отзывы рекламных подпевал на продающих сайтах, но меня это мало волнует.
Чисто случайно несколько лет назад мне довелось перебирать старые файлы на компьютере. Папка объёмом в полгигабайта должна была быть удалена, но что-то остановило меня, и я поставил на воспроизведение первый попавшийся файл из этой папки. Через несколько минут содержимое папки было скопировано на плеер, потом записано на диск и продублировано ещё в нескольких местах, чтобы никто случайно не удалил.
Это было выступление Скипа Росса для компании Amway. И это изменило мою жизнь. Я слушал всё это на протяжении нескольких месяцев. по нескольку раз подряд прокручивая одни и теже эпизоды.
За три года я не стал другим, я не достиг идеала, я не следовал буквально всем советам Скипа. Но этот человек действительно сделал огромный вклад в мою жизнь. Я знаю, что его принципы действуют, по двум причинам. Первая -- я попробовал несколько из них на практике. Это работает. Вторая -- я ему верю.
I'm sorry about I can't speak English so much well to explain you all my gratefulness to Skip Ross. Shortly he changed my life, and it still continuies since I has listened his first words to me: "You can do all that you want. I believe it".

November 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSergey

Thank you Sergey for sharing your story. I've run it through a translator so that others can enjoy it as well.
I am from Russia. My post is more like an ad reviews echoed by selling websites, but I do not care.
Purely by chance a few years ago I happened to find some old files on my computer. The folder size was multiple gigabytes and had to be removed, but something stopped me, and I decided to play the first file from that folder. A few minutes later the contents of the folder has been copied to my media player, then written to disk and replicated in several places, so that nobody would accidentally deleted it.
It was a meeting that Skip Ross did for the company Amway. And it changed my life. I listened to all of it for several months. Multiple times in a row I scrolled back to episode one and listened to the same episodes again.
For three years I have not changed and I had not achieved my goals, I have not followed all the advice literally Skip. But this man has really made a huge contribution to my life. I know that his principles are true, for two reasons. First - I tried a few of them in practice. It works. Second - I believe him."

November 30, 2011 | Registered CommenterSR_Admin

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